Tiny People is committed to educating world citizens who are conscious and actively participate in our society. Therefore, a series of social responsibility and sustainability campaigns are developed in the school with the participation of our students and their families.


  • ITACI PROJECT: Campaigns for the Itaci Child Cancer Hospital
  • PRE-LOVED UNIFORM PROJECT: cross-border campaign for orphans in extreme poverty and vulnerability in Namibia, Africa.


  • Rainwater collection and reuse,
  • Paper use reduction and recycling promotion
  • S.O.S Earth – Battery collection and selective collection project


Turn 2 Me – Tiny People’s Parenting Support is the area of the school dedicated to strengthening the bonds between parents and school.

We believe that it is very important to provide parents with opportunities to discover, learn, reflect and consolidate their role in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the children’s universe.

And it is in this way, through texts, meetings and conversation circles, that we support parents on this journey.