Tiny People is a benchmark school specializing in bilingual early childhood education.
Here, each child and family are seen as unique and have differentiated care and attention.

Tiny People’s mission is to develop independent and responsible individuals who are driven and motivated and who know how to respect themselves, their neighbours and nature.

Our philosophy is to provide children with education for life in a multicultural environment in which they have the opportunity to develop their skills in every area of knowledge, both in English and Portuguese.

RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT AND SENSITIVITY are the three values that underlie and underpin our educational practice.
Welcoming and valuing individuality are priorities in an educational, safe and affective space. The children participate in various learning situations that will help them develop their ability to solve problems, establish relationships and acquire knowledge, skills and values. All this care aims to ensure an education of excellence that enables the full development of our students.


Tiny People students grow up in an environment with many possibilities and opportunities, which promotes the construction of ethical and moral values alongside the balanced development of cognitive, emotional and physical competences. Get to know a little more.